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Where to take PIO Training

The Division of Emergency Management provides in-person PIO training throughout the state, based on need, availability of instructors, and support of the DEM Training and Exercise Section. See the DEM training calendar.

Feel free to check out the following independent study courses from FEMA.

All FEMA Independent Study (IS) courses

Looking for quarterly meetings?

Classroom Courses

See the Division of Emergency Management training calendar.

Basic PIO (G290) –
Sign up on UTRAIN, course number 1011053

JIS/JIC Planning (G291) –
Sign up on UTRAIN, course number 1020466

See the entire training calendar from Utah DEM here.

FEMA Public Information Officer Courses

Find information on all FEMA PIO Courses here.

Public Information Basics (L-105)

While DEM will still offer them as needed, FEMA no longer supports the G-290 and G-291 courses. They have been replaced with the new L-105 Public Information Basics. As it is a FEMA authorized course, its availability will vary. L-105 is also a required course for the Emergency Management Basic Academy, and as such, the course is in demand by emergency managers as well as PIOs. Course offerings may fill up quickly.

Get more information about L-105 Public Information Basics here.

Advanced PIO (E388)

Emergency Management Institute (Emmitsburg, MD)
The Advanced PIO Course has various prerequisite courses. See the list here. You need to plan about six months ahead to attend.

Advanced PIO: Health and Hospital Emergencies (MGT-902)
Center for Domestic Preparedness (Anniston, AL)

Master PIO (E389, E393 and E394)
Emergency Management Institute (Emmitsburg, MD)
You can see the application requirements here.

Social Media for Natural Disaster Response and Recovery (PER-304)
National Disaster Preparedness Training Center

Social Media Tools and Techniques (PER-344)
National Disaster Preparedness Training Center 

Social Media Engagement Strategies (PER-343)
National Disaster Preparedness Training Center 

View the NDPTC course delivery schedule here