Master PIO papers

Selected papers submitted upon completion of the Master PIO course at the Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, MD. Papers will be listed in reverse chronological order by cohort. 2017 was the first year of the course’s implementation. The course’s goal is to conduct research that adds to the body of knowledge of public information. Interested? Click here to learn more about the program. Click here to see all submitted papers.


Selected 2017 Master PIO Papers

•  Social Media Analysis and Best Practices, Carma Roper
•  PIO Best Practices in an Active Shooter Incident, Joe Best and Jessica Bowman
•  Hospital Crisis Communications and the Hospital Specific Joint Information System, Monique Rodriguez-Zamora
•  Leading Change in the Joint Information System, Kirk Sturm
•  Messaging Solutions for Tourist Driven Areas, Christian Sliker
•  Communicating in Wilderness Disasters: Can You Hear Me Now? Kathleen Tuck
•  Recommendations for Expanding JIC Training, Joel Gordon and Mike Jachles
•  Reaching Disconnected Audiences in Delaware, Gary Laing
•  Finding a Seat at the Management Table, Jessica Sexton
•  Joplin Tornado Case Study: When the Phones Go Down, Erin Hedlun
•  Recommendations on the formation, operation, leadership and evaluation of a sustainable Joint Information Center, 2017 Master PIOs

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